“We inevitably perceive the outer world through the intermediary of the senses, which are narrow portholes allowing us a fragmentary and de­formed glimpse of the reality outside. Even if the great cosmos is reluctant to reveal its secrets, however, there is another cosmos within us, from which we are not separated by the same barriers. If we wish to try to understand the secret nature of things, we must seek it within ourselves, where the limitations of the senses do not interpose between our consciousness and our perceptions. It is by studying the microcosm that we can understand the macrocosm; it is through our own impermanent being that we can reach the Universal Being. It is in the cavern of our heart that we can realize the immensity of spaces, and by controlling our own vital rhythms we can escape the power of time. By reaching the source of life, we can escape the power of death. By exploring the unknown spheres within ourselves, we can visit the celestial and infernal worlds.”

– Alain Daniélou, Yoga: Mastering the Secrets of Matter and the Universe