Richard D. James – artistically known as Aphex Twin – is a legend of mythical proportions in the cabals of electronic music. He has built a cult following not only for his enterprising music, but also for the personal and mysterious mythos he constructed: Does he really write songs while asleep after training himself in the practice of lucid dreaming? Does he drive a tank round Cornwall? Did he once live in a bank vault in the middle of the Elephant And Castle roundabout? Does he own a submarine? Does his DJ tech rider include a food processor and sheets of sandpaper? Does he move among his many fans on electronic dance music forums online, often trolling them and stirring up these very myths?

Born in Ireland and raised in Cornwall, James is in fact a part of Cornish myth-making tradition, a proud heritage that includes mermaids, giants, piskies and pobel vean. Listen to music writer John Doran explore the strange world of Aphex Twin fans and fandom. On BBC radio.