Serpent In The Wilderness


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This stunning monograph by yogi photographer Andy Richter brings us into that still place of yoga. Surrounded by yogis, I am present. It is happening. All around me, consciousness shifts and transforms. While many see a form of exercise or people sitting still in a room, that is merely the surface. There is something profound occurring before my lens. On a purely physiological level, we know the effect of a pose; muscles are working, glands are pressurized and organs squeezed. Prana, or life force, circulates, replenishing with each breath. With each movement, essential messages are communicated. The brain is stimulated and cleared. Practiced on a regular basis, with intention, these superficial benefits alone will change one’s life. Yet the body is but a vehicle, the container through which yoga is known. There are vast resources within us that are unacknowledged and unexplored. Each of us has immense wisdom, here and now, waiting to be tapped. Through the subtle work of sadhana (daily practice), clarity, intuition, and peace are revealed. We begin to touch our true depths, to see the other as our self, to know the interconnected nature of reality.