Abramelin Oil


Product Description

In the 90s, Spiro was a part of an Aleister Crowley-lineage occult magick world in Taos, New Mexico. At his request, our dear friend Alfred recreated one of Spiro’s nostalgically remembered tools from that era – Abramelin Oil. Alfred carefully crafted this curio in the fashion of Crowley himself – a mixture of cinnamon, galangal and myrrh essential oils.

According to lore, the magickal oil first appeared in a medieval book of spells, The Book of Abramelin, written by Abraham the Jew. The recipe is adapted from the a holy anointing oil named in the Tanakh, and attributed to the time of Moses and the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. It’s said that this oil can aid in times of persecution and poverty.

Abramelin oil can be used on the skin (be sure to test your skin for sensitivity before really lubing up), or to anoint sacred objects, totems, amulets and talismans. You can also burn it in a diffuser, or use it to infuse your ceremonial and ritual tools.