Category: Technology

The Spirit World

Illuminating the history of the invisible, this podcast interrogates the technologies that allowed Spiritualism to thrive. Beginning at the College for Psychic Studies this particular segment quickly moves into the concrete science of radiowaves, radioactivity, and radio—and their interplay with the imagination. Listen on the…

On Tuning Forks

On our altar sits the usual accoutrements – a bell, likenesses of Ganesh, incense, a water bowl, flowers, a candle – but there’s also an oddball tool that sticks out – a tuning fork. Turns out we’re not alone in our love of tuning forks….

Babelcarp | Deconstructing Tea Terms

This nifty website allows you to enter transliterated Chinese terms, English words, and Chinese characters to help deconstruct those confounding tea titles – Wu Yi Rou Gui Oolong? Cinnamon Oolong, which is a tea that’s partially oxidized before drying! Fenglin Tea Factory? – a Kunming…

Rethinking Gaia

In Rethinking the Gaia Hypothesis, Bruno Latour ventures to Massachusetts to consult John Lovelock himself, who finds —”Gaia has nothing to do with any New Age idea of the Earth in a millennial balance, but rather emerges from a very specific industrial and technological situation…taking…