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Daily Ritual

We consider ritual to be an essential part of our days. So we were intrigued when David Brooks wrote a piece musing on the small acts that keep society together, imagining different ways we might quietly and meaningfully infuse our days with ritual. Pam Grossman…

The Body Myth

Rheea Mukherjee’s debut novel… Here’s some yummy pulls from an interview— (1) Our bodies are political from birth; (2) The body is not a thing, it is a situation; (3) Opportunity: to relearn how we’ve been made to construct our reality; (4) A process of…

The Body as Archive

Installation view of “Current State of Everything: The Body As Archive” (2018) by dana washington in Time is Running Out of Time: Experimental Film and Video from the LA Rebellion and Today at Art + Practice (photo by Joshua White) via Hyperallergic.

When Every Vote Matters

Polls are open in India and voters are poised to elect the next President. Indian law mandates that no polling place can be further than 2km (about 1.25 miles) from a registered voter – so in…a desolate, seemingly endless, lion-infested forest in India, a single…