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Vanity Fair

For those of you in the SF Bay Area, Erica’s brother is receiving high praise for his role in Vanity Fair, playing through May 12 at ACT. Here Adam talks about his path from autistic kid to thriving actor: “I don’t know how many people…

Wiley Yoga Tales

Tune into last week’s Expanding Mind podcast, Erik’s description— “Yogi, psychonaut, and dear old pal Spiros Antonopoulos returns to talk about the Ashtanga lineage, Crowley’s yoga chops, the gifts of rigorous practice, NYC punk yoga, psychedelic Patanjali, and the ups and downs of opening his &…

Casts a Circle

“As feminist groups taught in the 1970s, we need to “cast a circle” where we are not vulnerable. This is perhaps more than anything what Treister’s works perform: a tracing of our fragility that produces experimental situations and protective spaces. They have the air of…

On Tuning Forks

On our altar sits the usual accoutrements – a bell, likenesses of Ganesh, incense, a water bowl, flowers, a candle – but there’s also an oddball tool that sticks out – a tuning fork. Turns out we’re not alone in our love of tuning forks….