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Thought Experiments in F# Minor

Using an iPad Mini and a pair of headphones, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s Thought Experiments in F# Minor leads its audiences along a route through Walt Disney Concert Hall, revealing an imagined world hiding in plain sight. Plan your visit to the LA Phil here. 

Fluxus Frequencies

More Fluxus upcoming at the LA Phil: Alison Knowles & Ryoji Ikeda • Re-collecting the Global South:  Sublime Frequencies’ Experimental Ethnomusicology. Super excited about this in Santa Barbara…Whooo hoo!

On Tuning Forks

On our altar sits the usual accoutrements – a bell, likenesses of Ganesh, incense, a water bowl, flowers, a candle – but there’s also an oddball tool that sticks out – a tuning fork. Turns out we’re not alone in our love of tuning forks….

Death Must Die

The Soundwalk Collective reimagines their classic Varanasi walking tour as a more contemplative 12″ head/space journey: Death Must Die, exploring the luminosity in Kashi’s vibrations, “dedicated to eliminating the distinction between human and non-human, between alive and dead, between light and dark.”

Spaciousness | Lo Recordings

Oh how we like simply LYING DOWN and listening. Or working. Expansive and unassuming musics. Music Without Horizons – “Spaciousness” is the first volume in a series exploring the connections, the overlaps, the roots and the future of a music variously liberated from their labels….

Wowee Zowee | Remembering Sleep

Our pal Erik Davis, who will be leading a weekend of Visionary Practices with us in February 2019, writes cogently and lovingly about one of his favorite albums of an era past: Dopesmoker by Sleep (2003). “Sleep here offers a mode of spiritual conversion beyond…

Spiritualized | And Nothing Hurt

J. Spaceman’s band Spiritualized has released a new record – the first in more than half a decade. (Full disclosure—our Dreamweapon tees take a cue from his earlier band’s seminal release, An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music)  We’ve been enjoying the droning cathedral somber yet…

On the Infinite Plane

Tony Conrad passed away in 2016, after a lifetime of dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. So many of his works involved setting something up and letting it go, with no clear beginning or end. In contrast to the tight compositional control wielded by many of…