Category: Meditation

Mandala Making

If you’ve got some spare time for a rabbit hole, MandalaGaba is a drawing board that specializes in mandalas and other artistic mathematical magic. Click and drag and watch what happens. Create your own at MandalaGaba or follow some of their user-created highlights on Instagram.

Buying Enlightenment

BUYING ENLIGHTENMENT: “I’d always assumed it was fine to meditate in street or gym clothes, but as my research soon revealed, you apparently need something special to wear when you’re opening up that third eye.” One journalist reports from the field on the fast and…

Sonic Meditations

American composer Pauline Oliveros said that her meditations had a goal of “expanded consciousness” and “humanitarian purposes; specifically healing.” Read in the New Yorker. _____________________ “The meditation ‘Teach Yourself to Fly’ asks the performer to observe her breath and eventually allow her voice to sound;…