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When Every Vote Matters

Polls are open in India and voters are poised to elect the next President. Indian law mandates that no polling place can be further than 2km (about 1.25 miles) from a registered voter – so in…a desolate, seemingly endless, lion-infested forest in India, a single…

Death Must Die

The Soundwalk Collective reimagines their classic Varanasi walking tour as a more contemplative 12″ head/space journey: Death Must Die, exploring the luminosity in Kashi’s vibrations, “dedicated to eliminating the distinction between human and non-human, between alive and dead, between light and dark.”

The Idolatry of Ganesh

During Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival celebrating the elephant God Ganesha, hundreds of thousands of Ganesh idols are brought into homes and public spaces; at the festival’s end they are ceremonially carried into bodies of water and left to disintegrate. The industry surrounding these statues…

Welcome to the Visa Temple

For decades, young people from across India have flocked to this 500-year-old structure on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India’s fifth largest city, with a shared dream: a visa to the United States. The temple, formally known as the Chilkur Balaji, is middling in size by…