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LA’s hillsides are in full bloom! They look as if someone got carried away on Holi and tossed gulal powder throughout the hillsides! It’s definitely worth a trip out of the city to take in the scenery. If you go: tread lightly, stay on the…

Thought Experiments in F# Minor

Using an iPad Mini and a pair of headphones, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s Thought Experiments in F# Minor leads its audiences along a route through Walt Disney Concert Hall, revealing an imagined world hiding in plain sight. Plan your visit to the LA Phil here. 

Fluxus Frequencies

More Fluxus upcoming at the LA Phil: Alison Knowles & Ryoji Ikeda • Re-collecting the Global South:  Sublime Frequencies’ Experimental Ethnomusicology. Super excited about this in Santa Barbara…Whooo hoo!

Notorious RBG

Like much of America, we’ve tracked Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health fastidiously over the last year, looking to this fireball of an octogenarian for hope and faith that all will be restored to justice one day. Through March 19, you can stop into the Skirball Cultural…

Can’t Even

In the mid-80s Robbie Conal plastered the LA streets with a grotesque caricature of Ronald Reagan and the words “CONTRA DICTION.” Now he’s 74 years old and the portraits are decidedly more monstrous as the legendary street artist Robbie Conal takes on the Trump Administration…

Summonings + Sightings

“It’s like he charges you. He teaches you how to call them and what to think and they just, boom, boom, boom. It’s like fishing. You never know what you’re going to get.” A shaktipat of the paranormal kind, Robert Bingham scans the skies for…