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The Body Myth

Rheea Mukherjee’s debut novel… Here’s some yummy pulls from an interview— (1) Our bodies are political from birth; (2) The body is not a thing, it is a situation; (3) Opportunity: to relearn how we’ve been made to construct our reality; (4) A process of…

Sonic Meditations

American composer Pauline Oliveros said that her meditations had a goal of “expanded consciousness” and “humanitarian purposes; specifically healing.” Read in the New Yorker. _____________________ “The meditation ‘Teach Yourself to Fly’ asks the performer to observe her breath and eventually allow her voice to sound;…

The Body as Archive

Installation view of “Current State of Everything: The Body As Archive” (2018) by dana washington in Time is Running Out of Time: Experimental Film and Video from the LA Rebellion and Today at Art + Practice (photo by Joshua White) via Hyperallergic.

Vanity Fair

For those of you in the SF Bay Area, Erica’s brother is receiving high praise for his role in Vanity Fair, playing through May 12 at ACT. Here Adam talks about his path from autistic kid to thriving actor: “I don’t know how many people…


LA’s hillsides are in full bloom! They look as if someone got carried away on Holi and tossed gulal powder throughout the hillsides! It’s definitely worth a trip out of the city to take in the scenery. If you go: tread lightly, stay on the…

Thought Experiments in F# Minor

Using an iPad Mini and a pair of headphones, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s Thought Experiments in F# Minor leads its audiences along a route through Walt Disney Concert Hall, revealing an imagined world hiding in plain sight. Plan your visit to the LA Phil here. 

Libraries x Museums = 💥

Libraries! One of the few remaining bastions of social good that enable and empower everyone without discrimination. Where we can 1) READ 2) take classes 3) participate in cultural programs 4) stream movies!…and NOW?! 5) visit a handful of local LA museums for free. See the full list here. 

That’s Art You’re Sitting On

LA’s Metro bus seat fabric is considered to be one of the county’s largest public art installations. And all over the world the intricacies of creating palatable, culturally appropriate, geographically-specific public transit seats is a most serious affair. Dive into the world of seat cover design at City Lab. 

Casts a Circle

“As feminist groups taught in the 1970s, we need to “cast a circle” where we are not vulnerable. This is perhaps more than anything what Treister’s works perform: a tracing of our fragility that produces experimental situations and protective spaces. They have the air of…