Strange that breathing can be at once so everyday, so forgettable – yet at the same time, the material plane on which all of life and death manifests. Read this worthwhile article, which surveys a good slice of the latest science on “conscious breathing” on Aeon… (And yes,…

Libraries x Museums = 💥

Libraries! One of the few remaining bastions of social good that enable and empower everyone without discrimination. Where we can 1) READ 2) take classes 3) participate in cultural programs 4) stream movies!…and NOW?! 5) visit a handful of local LA museums for free. See the full list here. 

A Safe Space for Black Men to Heal

Yoga instructor Changa Bell is on a mission to create a safe space for black men in his community to open up, breathe and “heal” together through yoga, because he felt that black men in particular were being isolated by the yoga community. Read on.

Cold Yoga

According to the National Weather Service, this has been the coldest February in Los Angeles since 1962. Brrr! On the plus side? LA, ever on the cusp of the wellness trends, is also concurrently exploring cold yoga. We’ll be sitting by our space heaters and will sit…

That’s Art You’re Sitting On

LA’s Metro bus seat fabric is considered to be one of the county’s largest public art installations. And all over the world the intricacies of creating palatable, culturally appropriate, geographically-specific public transit seats is a most serious affair. Dive into the world of seat cover design at City Lab. 

Cows in Handstands

Cows in handstands; moose in arm balances; crocodiles backbending! Bruno Pontiroli creates mind-bending explorations of the relationship between humans and animals. The artist shies away from labeling his work as Surrealist or Dadaist, instead proposing a new version of reality without categorization. It is weird, over-the-top, and very…

Coffee + Your Gut

“While an all-coffee diet is definitely bad, if your gut is healthy and coffee is part of a diverse array of food and drink you’re putting in your body, your coffee habit is probably totally fine.” Phew. Read on at Bustle.