About Ardor


is a small curated space with western herbs, tinctures, potions, clothes, and pretty curiosities, most all of which comes from talented, creative friends.

is an ancient practice of burning in the quest for something true. It is heat, passion, discipline, and yearning. As an alchemical installation in Downtown LA, we are an experiment in whole-being.

We are an apothecary filled with delicacies to adorn you inside and out.
We create and curate limited run media & objects, as well scintillating conversation.

We produce events that explore ritual, myth and consciousness.

We believe in kindness and compassion. We trust in the power of plants. We bow down to the mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom too. We love ceremony. Explorations. Pataphysics. LEDs. Contemplations. Sharing. Resonance. And yoga.

We look forward to doing all these things alongside you.