is a wellness center, gathering space, and a thoughtfully curated boutique featuring western herbs, tinctures, potions, clothes, and pretty curiosities, most all of which we source from our talented, creative friends.

We produce events that explore ritual, myth and consciousness.

We believe in kindness and compassion. We trust in the power of plants. We bow down to the mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom too. We love ceremony. Explorations. Pataphysics. LEDs. Contemplations. Sharing. Resonance. And yoga.

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Bendix Building
1206 Maple Ave
Suite #840
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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The elastic, shared, contemplative bodies of Malin Bülow.

Bülow hails from Switzerland and studied as a neurobiologist before receiving a Master’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway. You can see more of Bülow’s work on her website.

Daily Ritual

We consider ritual to be an essential part of our days. So we were intrigued when David Brooks wrote a piece musing on the small acts that keep society together, imagining different ways we might quietly and meaningfully infuse our days with ritual..." Read on at our blog.

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California Poppy

Known for its relaxing and soporific effects, Poppy also has vaso-dilating properties and can alleviate body aches and pains. Available in the shop.

Smoke & Mirrors

A new exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection displays the Psychology of Magic.

Read on.

Surreal Sleep

Nicolas Bruno has suffered from sleep paralysis since he was seven years old, and by the time he was 15 it was happening every night. By keeping a dream journal, Bruno was able to decode his dreams into symbols, and recreate them through photography. Learn more.

Neti Neti

Neti practice clears the nasal passages in a jif. We've got the goods to make the process simple - a jar of neti salt and accompanying wooden spoon or a pretty ceramic pot.

$15 for the salt | $18 for the pot

Allergy Season

The winds of spring are blowing and with it allergies are flourishing. this blend is a helpful antidote to the associated sneezing and wheezing.



Start the morning scraping toxins from your tongue and your world will change; you'll wonder how you lived without.