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Awareness in the Dream: Oneirogen Plant Allies & Yoga Nidra

Saturday December 15 | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join dreamworker Jennifer Dumpert for this experiential seminar | We’ll explore dreams, and the practices, herbs, scents, and sounds that support them. Jennifer will then lead a yoga nidra practice, guiding participants into the liminal dream space of hypnagogia to provide a shared dream experience. SIGN UP


Saturday December 15 | 3-4:30pm

How do we navigate visionary states, and what do we do with them once they are in the rear-view mirror? This moderated group conversation with Erik Davis and Spiros Antonopoulos will create space for all manner of questions, insights, challenges, and shadow stories. RSVP.

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Semilla Botanica

Kristen has created the prettiest botanical prints and materia medica cards to go along with our oneirogen collection. Join us this Saturday December 15th as writer Jennifer Dumpert explores the practice of dreamwork including the use of oneirogens, all available in the Ardor shop. RSVP.

LAYC Stickers

dreamy and holographic

$2.00 (or send us a self-addressed & stamped envelope and we'll mail one back to you FOC 🦄)

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Incorporating the Imagination

"Imagination, from the root of the word, basically means “creates images of something, or representing something, representing the world.” We all know our imagination touches and deeply moves us, especially when it’s expressed through creative approaches that artists and musicians, for example, are really good at. What I find intriguing is that imagination is the creative ability of our mind to literally dream the world and worlds. So it’s a bit surprising that such a critical creative endeavor would be kind of dismissed when we talk about science." Monica Gagliano on plant intelligence and the importance of the mundus imaginalis.

A Mossy Monument to Yoga

At a park in Finland, close to the Russian border, a reclusive artist spent the better part of 50 years crafting hundreds of statues poised in yoga postures. Veijo Rönkkönen once said that the park was a monument for the memory of his young body. Veijo Rönkkönen did not want to think about the park’s future. If anyone asked, he would say he wanted to bury the entire park in sand and leave it in a thousand year’s silence, like the Chinese Terracotta Army. He was accustomed to the idea that there was nothing that could be done to prevent the park from falling into disrepair. In the wake of his death, the park has found new investments, new life, and an admiring public eye. More moss-laden images on Twitter.


Ardor co-founder Spiros Antonopoulos makes an appreance on Jason Louv's podcast Ultraculture. Spiros recounts adventures in the far outer realms of consciousness—including how a ritual to contact his Holy Guardian Angel may have resulted in a stroke in his frontal lobe that left him without the capacity to speak for years, forcing him to interact with the world in a completely new and radically present way. Listen here.

Babelcarp | A Tea Lexicon

Designed by Lew Perin, Babelcarp is a nifty website that allows you to enter transliterated Chinese terms, English words, and Chinese characters to help deconstruct those confounding tea titles - Wu Yi Rou Gui Oolong? Cinnamon Oolong, which is a tea that's partially oxidized before drying! Fenglin Tea Factory? - a Kunming pu’ercha factory established in 1995, literally translates to Phoenix Descent! Pull your teas from the cupboard and give it a whirl.

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