is a wellness center, gathering space, and a thoughtfully curated boutique featuring western herbs, tinctures, potions, clothes, and pretty curiosities, most all of which we source from our talented, creative friends.

We produce events that explore ritual, myth and consciousness.

We believe in kindness and compassion. We trust in the power of plants. We bow down to the mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom too. We love ceremony. Explorations. Pataphysics. LEDs. Contemplations. Sharing. Resonance. And yoga.

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One Simple Thing

Fri Feb 22 | 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Sat + Sun Feb 23 + 24 | 8:30am - 12:30 pm

How exactly does yoga work? Learn about how we can consciously use yogic practices in a deliberate manner to direct and change our life in positive ways. Don't miss this opportunity to study with yoga legend Eddie Stern. RSVP for Friday evening's book reading; or SIGN UP for any of the weekend classes and lectures.

Words Embodied

Fri Mar 1 | 7:00 - 10:00 pm

What would happen if we practiced yoga and writing together and flowed between the mat and the page? What disempowering self-talk would we release and replace with new, affirming words? What nagging worries might dissolve as we move, breathe, and listen to the voice of intention rather than the inner critic? What brilliant ideas or answers might emerge? And how might you renew your appreciation for your body? More here.

There's still time...

To get organized before the year runs off in a gallop. Only a few of these beautiful produce calendars still in stock.

Made with love and care in Oakland.


No Coffee, No Prana

We subscribe to the above credo, oft-quoted in Ashtanga Yoga as an excuse to caffeinate before stepping onto the mat. So we're relieved to read that coffee is "totally fine" and maybe even beneficial for your micro-biome. Read on.

What the Crow Knows

"In Japan, one crow population uses traffic to crack open walnuts: The crows drop a nut in front of cars at intersections, and then when the light turns red, they swoop in to scoop up the exposed flesh." On aviary consciousness and what that means for human animals.

Queer LA

Two friends of ours, scholar Erik Davis, and historian Heather Lukes, in conversation: Silver Lake riots, gay bikers, house ball scenes, the nostalgia for repression, and the joys and challenges of working on the online archive “The Grit and Glamour of Queer LA Subculture."

Brooklyn Yoga Club Hoodie

Our sister school back East is closing its doors on March 21st. We're sad, but optimistic that fruitful, wonderful things will follow suit. Snag this metallic foil hoodie before it becomes a collector's item.

The Present

One of the more fortuitous friendships we’ve forged in LA has been with Norberto Rodriguez – a multi-faceted conceptual artist with an interactive piece currently going on at the Standard Hollywood : The Present. Norb has created an interactive, public installation project where every aspect of his life is on display, framed as a work of art and available for sale. Join him.